Doug Alder is a former tennis pro who during a broadcast last month described a play Venus Williams was involved in as, “charging in with a guerilla effect.” He claims he was saying guerilla as opposed to gorilla the animal. The term “Guerilla Tennis” is one that is used within tennis circles and was used in a 1990’s commercial about two white male tennis players and in a 2012 magazine article about a Polish female tennis player. There is no way to know what was in Alder’s heart, therefore, if there is no history of bigotry or racism on his part I tend to believe this was an overreaction due to public backlash. We should be cautious of routinely presuming racism, sexism, etc. and always calling for someone’s job anytime they make a comment we don’t like or that may be controversial. If everyone lost their job because someone didn’t like what they said the majority of us would be unemployed!


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