The moral dilemma of deportation…

I find myself extremely torn as I ponder the topic of the deportation of our Mexican Brothers and Sisters, especially with the primary argument against being that “we should not be separating families!” On the one hand, I abhor the idea of mothers and fathers being separated from their children, however I also recognized that the coming across the border illegally is in fact a crime. Now let’s say a Black single mother of two commits a crime that is punishable by jail time, would the “justice system” commute her sentence under the grounds that “we do not separate families?” The obvious answer is no! That single mother would have to do her time and her children would be at best put in the care of a family member or at worst entered into the system. Hence the moral dilemma I find this subject to be!

Hall of Fame voters need to get off their high horse.

More shameful than Terrell Owens being kept out of the Hall of Fame or the lame excuses in which they continue to use to keep him out, (ie. he was a problem in the locker room, played for too many teams and had too many drops) is the fact that the HOF voters apparently want him to kiss their butts so they don’t continue to unfairly blackball him next year! It really pisses me off that reporters that have never played the particular sport in which they get to vote on and never had their lives scrutinized like professional athletes do get to be high-and-mighty and judge athletes on anything other than their play on the damn field! I’m quite sure if we were to hire a private investigator to follow around those voters we might find some things that may cause us to question their character and whether or not they should be given the privilege of casting a HOF vote!

ESPN may have jumped the gun with the firing of Alder.

Doug Alder is a former tennis pro who during a broadcast last month described a play Venus Williams was involved in as, “charging in with a guerilla effect.” He claims he was saying guerilla as opposed to gorilla the animal. The term “Guerilla Tennis” is one that is used within tennis circles and was used in a 1990’s commercial about two white male tennis players and in a 2012 magazine article about a Polish female tennis player. There is no way to know what was in Alder’s heart, therefore, if there is no history of bigotry or racism on his part I tend to believe this was an overreaction due to public backlash. We should be cautious of routinely presuming racism, sexism, etc. and always calling for someone’s job anytime they make a comment we don’t like or that may be controversial. If everyone lost their job because someone didn’t like what they said the majority of us would be unemployed!